Honestly, it was out of helping a friend who wanted to start her own beauty and fashion blog, I wanted to show her how it could be done by starting an IG account and sharing your REAL self with the world. (since I work at FB I thought I could have a good perspective on how IG works)
After a couple weeks of encouraging talks and guides on how to create her blog, she started the blog and IG account, and my only real advice was: “Just do it! You have tons of knowledge and talent in fashion and beauty (she is literally and expert, she has worked on beauty and fashion for years) so just share your perspective and always be yourself.”
The funny part was that she ended up teaching me, she put all her time and effort into her IG account and started building an exponential increasing audience. Now, she has grown to more than 11k followers in less than 4 months. Which is Awesome! And made me so proud! She really took it seriously and made it happen.

Now I decided to have my own blog as a therapy, committing to write once a week and share in a daily basis, two of the things that I feel the most passionate about: learning to code and encouraging women to get interested in tech, and my yoga practicing continuous learning path. So here I am.
The blog took so long because last couple months I have had a huge work load at FB and many work trips so It has been tough to commit to build my website from scratch by myself.

But here I have my first blog post! πŸ˜€ I’m so excited because even when it looks so simple, It took so much effort to make everything work. This is just the first phase, I will add my 2 categories: Yoga & coding and will share in each a weekly yoga flow and advances on my coding projects, hoping this encourages you to start learning and practicing anything you feel passionate about!

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