On Meditation…

When I started practicing yoga I started to learn everything about BREATHING, it was amazing to realize how little I knew about breathing; how we can control our heart rate, our anxiety level, our blood pressure, our glands hormone production, adrenaline production and much more!
I was shocked to see how I didn’t know how to breathe. I was sabotaging myself by my weird way of breathing (short and fast) It was the root of most of my anxiety.

Then I realized what a great workout could yoga be if it is done properly. How each perfect posture is only correctly achieved if you are able to control your pranayama. And last but not least I learned how all it takes to be able to meditate is to be able to concentrate in BREATHING and letting all other thoughts that come by, simply pass by. Literally see them coming and letting them pass by.

All my life, being classified as a hyperactive ADHD person; I would never have imagined I could ever be able to meditate. In my mind I always imagined meditating meant: sit still, close your eyes and think of “nothing” haha IMPOSSIBLE, I couldn’t sit still even if my life depended on it. (since I have dysautonomia I tend to be always moving by instinct) but then I learned the amazing real description of meditation: sit comfortably, and breathe slowly focusing your attention in your breathing not making it slower or faster just acknowledge your breathing and try to relax your body into it (your breathe will automatically follow your relaxation and will become slower and deeper) try to breathe a bit deeper with each breath and be aware of all the noises around you and let them go, be aware of all the thoughts that come to your mind and don’t hold them, just “watch them pass by” (with eyes closed) and start noticing how each part of your body feels physcially, where do you have a pain, where does it feel weird, itchy, everything, go through your body from head to toe: hair, head, ears, eyes, eyebrows, forehead, mouth, nose, chin, neck, chest, back, arms, hands, fingers, etc etc until you arrive to your toes. All this self-guided body awareness after having control our breathing , this is MEDITATION and we ALL can do it!! πŸ˜€

The benefits are endless, but in short, you will feel happier, with more peace, patience, and not only your mind but your body will be healthier.

Please try it for one day, for 5 mins! and let me know how you felt! I will create (and post it here in the next couple weeks) a 5 min video with guided meditation so you can just listen and follow.
But for now, try to do it by yourself, and let me know how you feel. πŸ˜€

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