What sickness taught me this time

Its not all about fun, smiles, inspiration and excitement! It’s about real life as a real human, where people get sick, tired, sad, broken, and are not productive or inspiring at all, but the complete opposite.

Still, I find it important to share, we all have days when we feel like crap, physically or emotionally. We are humans and we deserve to rest and take it slow sometimes.

Nobody is perfect and mostly nobody’s life is perfect, inspiring, productive, and happy. So please remember this every time you are tired, and are desperate and are pushing yourself a little bit too hard.

We all get down.

I find it funny and even sarcastic how we humans learn to be patient with age, the older we get the more patient we become when it should be the opposite, since we are young we still have so many years to live and make things happen, we should be more patient the younger we are!
But here we are rushing ourselves through life.
Some times I appreciate sickness moments like this one, it reminds me what is important, and what are my real priority investments (if you follow me and have read my blogpost on financial freedom you know this part) first I have to invest in my mental and physical health (without health humans can not do or build anything) then invest in my “brains” as knowledge (always keep learning and evolving) and last invest in the stock market hehe πŸ™‚

I hope you are able to listen to your body and mind when it demands care and rest before it gets you sick.

Anyways, this time sickness reminded me my priorities and got me balanced again πŸ™‚
So yes, here I am sick and grateful. (the yogi in me speaking)

Alex – The yogi coder


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