3 keys factors to achieve success

…Are you a talented programmer or marketer? Make sure you share your core here: https://www.mycore.dev/my-developer-coreconnect & get featured in our media. Make sure you listen to the episode is quick (less than 15mins) but explains in detail why these 3 things are key factors to achieve success. Ruthless prioritization: I like to list this oneContinue reading “3 keys factors to achieve success”

Hustle culture & work-life balance

Is passion defined by the amount of hrs invested at work? πŸ€”Do you need to invest 24/7 of your time in something to be able to succeed?Does work/life balance exist? Join the best devs at: https://www.mycore.dev/my-developer-core https://www.mycore.dev/ Indiehackers mentioned podcast episode:Β  https://www.indiehackers.com/podcast/167-dhh-and-natalie-nagele-on-work-life-balance How to connect with me through The yogi coder: IG: https://www.instagram.com/theyogicoder/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCagmygt3g7nh94ZqfHNxsAFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/theyogicoder

3 reasons why learning to code can change your life

Reason #1: You learn something that will be essential in the future. Coding or software programming will be needed in every single field, why? just because it is the most efficient way to solve problems in every single field of science and knowledge. Just like it happened with math and statistics where after so manyContinue reading “3 reasons why learning to code can change your life”

3 reasons why this is My favorite coding learning platform

Tons of you have asked me this question and I know I have tried to stay objective and if you look back to earlier blog posts I am recommending several platforms where you can learn for free, mostly because I don’t want anyone with the excuse of “I can’t afford it” to avoid learning toContinue reading “3 reasons why this is My favorite coding learning platform”

How to achieve ALL your resolutions

There is a big chance that this time of the year, like every year you are thinking about 2019 in a hopeful exciting way. A new year means a new start and in our minds it means a new opportunity to do and become all the things we have been wanting to do and becomeContinue reading “How to achieve ALL your resolutions”

Why I left Instagram…

Its been a good run, and I have enjoyed every step of the way of creating a brand on Instagram around 2 things I wanted to practice and share my learning path about: Yoga & Coding. It organically grew mostly on 1 specific social media platform: Instagram, and though at the beginning I enjoyed sharingContinue reading “Why I left Instagram…”


INTIMATE BUSINESS with the yogi coder We are getting Intimate about Business and profesional growth! Join me on this podcast to learn about the real “behind the scenes” of building a successful profesional career or your own successful business. It may not be easy but it is REAL. Find it on itunes –> The YogiContinue reading “PODCAST!!”

One challenge at a time

Do you remember when you were at school and the first day of classes the teacher would share ALL the projects, deliveries and exams for the semester or year? even with the detail of how much weight each thing would have on your grade. Do you remember the amount of pressure you felt at thatContinue reading “One challenge at a time”

10 free platforms for Learning to code

Are you not ready to commit a monthly fee to pay online coding courses like: treehouse, Lynda, code school, learnable, infinite skills, etc? These online courses cost from 24 to 29 usd a month. They have learning paths or “tracks” that are easy to follow and tests along the way to check your learning development,Continue reading “10 free platforms for Learning to code”

5 TIPS on learning to code:

1. Discover your why? your real motivation: What would you like to build? Do you want to learn simply to get a better job? Your reason goes here… Any reason is 100% fair, just define it so you are aware of why are you investing time and money in this new skill you want to learn. 2.Continue reading “5 TIPS on learning to code:”