Here I am again, thinking and getting extremely excited about ANOTHER idea.

This time, is starting a weekly podcast where I can share more about the challenges of women in the workplace, in tech and in general fun facts and jokes about being a woman πŸ˜€ I believe it would be super fun and maybe enlightening to listen to some great talents I know and myself (not such a great talent hehe) talking about challenges and fun jokes we are able to make of our everyday situations. I would like to have a space besides IG stories where I can share openly about female day to day challenges that not many people feel comfortable talking about, but the little I have shared on my stories, I have received great feedback on “how enlightening has been” for some male friends and “how much they relate” for some female friends. So here I am again super excited about this new project, the only problem is that I have found it extremely hard to commit with time and energy to any of my “ideas” or projects.For example:

  1. The app I wanted to build with so many of you who enlisted on my form at the coding section. It has been extremely tough to find the time to invest in it and commit for as long as that app and project needs.
  2. The youtube video channel I started and today it only has two bad-quality(recorded with my phone) videos, I still feel like I would like to share videos but it is tough to convince people to be infront of a camera and I think you guys would get so bored if it was only me talking every time πŸ˜€
  3. I have designed a line of T-shirts with super fun phrases and designs of #BetheNerd and “I am a coder and my super power is yoga” or “I am a yogi and my super power is coding” etc, etc. I love the designs I created but still haven’t found the time to find a supplier that produces good quality cotton tshirts and also find the platform that allows me to deliver worldwide (I don’t want to create goods that are only for “x” country).
  4. Now, the podcast! πŸ˜€ [insert facepalm emoji here]

So all 4 projects are close to my heart and get me super excited but I have a full time job that demands tons of time, focus and creativity so by the end of the day It becomes tough to give my best to any of these projects.

Plus now there is an opportunity of building my own consulting agency for ecomm & mkt πŸ˜€ so that as well will take tons of time, but that is a business or like my job “a responsible way of earning money”
OHH and I should not forget I also have hobbies that change often hehe like;

Yoga, which is not really a hobby but a habit that I need to stay sane hehe but it does require daily time commitment.

Now I am soo excited to re-learn to play the guitar hehe I brought back home my guitar (from my parents house) and already wrote down what are the songs I will be practicing to relearn. So this also will take some time of my week but it is a hobby that helps me relax and release creativity πŸ˜€

All while keep having time for my friends and family and of course quality time with my love.

So practically, if I wanted to do it ALL I would have to divide myself in 5 different yogi coders haha
So the only answer will be RUTHLESS prioritization, one of my biggest learnings from working at FB.

Will see, I do not have the answer now but will start ruthlessly prioritizing my top 3 activities that I will be able to commit to, while being responsible enough to have a stable income.

see you at my IG stories πŸ˜‰Β @TheYogiCoder

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